Frequently asked questions about AquaProtect

How can I chose the correct model?

Measure the length of the extremity to be protected (arm or leg) as well as the circumference on the spot where it will be closed and determine with the help of the table the correct model.

Where AquaProtect can be purchased?

You can buy it in the pharmacies, home care shops and specialized medical trade shops.

Where can I apply Aquaprotect?

The area of application of Aquaprotect is vast. It allows you to take a shower, have a bathe and even swim and dive. In addition to it AquaProtect is taken in cases where underwater therapy is practiced f.ex. after a surgeon operation on the knee – even with fixateur extern being applied – to start as early as possible the rehabilitation of the patient.

Should additional measures be taken (bind up on the closing spot through a tesa film, rubber strap etc.) in order to achieve a water tight application?

Due to the elasticity of the film the watertight closure is produced by itself. The film adjusts to the skin and produces a water tight lip. Application of additional means is not necessary. Thereby attention should be paid to the fact that the closing lip is applied flatly in the muscle area (avoid knees and elbows as well as building of rolls). In case of hairy skin a shave can be recommended.

How tear resistant is the film of the Aquaprotect?

The film of the Aqauprotect is very robust and does not lose the protective capacity after prolonged usage. Contact with sharp items (edges of broken glass, sharp pieces of metal or other hard material) should in any case be avoided.

What are the specifics in case of outdoor application?

In case of outdoor application of Aquaprotect (especially on the sea side) attention should be paid to larger sand granules or small stones have sharp edges and tips. When stepping on them with applied Aquaprotect the film can be pierced through and thus loses the protection capacity. In such cases an additional application of thick stockings and/or shoes to protect the material can be recommended.

How often can Aquaprotect be applied?

In case the advices of the always included instruction manual are being followed dozens and more applications of the product can be expected. As a rule of the thumb one can assume that for one cast (4-6 weeks) one protection will suffice.

Does Aquaprotect contain latex?

Aquaprtect is absolutely latex free.

Can Aquaprotect be disinfected?

In case of domestic application a turnaround to the other side of the product and a wash with boiling water can be recommended. In hospitals disinfection with usual disinfection products can be done. Temperatures exceeding 95° C und alkali materials should be avoided.

Can’t I take a simple and cheap plastic bag?

You can. But keep in mind that it is not watertight enough for a shower – less so for bathing and swimming. And arranging for a water tight closure with tapes is cumbersome and not so agreeable when the tapes have to be taken off. Through the frequent reuse and reliability the effective protection of Aquaprotect really pays for itself.