Flat hinges for thin panels

Full and half overlay for 19 mm carcass

  • Knuckle 5 mm
  • Door overlay adjustment
    on the hinge arm +1 / -2 mm

    (knuckle stays with the door edge)
  • Vertical adjustment in
    the door component ± 2 mm

    (no displacement of side by side knuckles )
  • Depth adjustment ± 1 mm
  • Inseparable door component and hinge arm
  • Catch
  • Nickel plated finish (standard)
    other finishes on request
  • Screw fastening; in case of HPL panels with self-tapping screws, in case of wood with expansion dowels with pre-mounted screws (are attached to the hinge)

Art.No.: see brochure

Brochure (pdf) Mounting instruction