About us

About us

PRÄMETA – Because quality is more cost-efficient in the long run

The key attributes of all good institutional furniture are sturdiness and reliability. PRÄMETA has been committed to delivering both since 1946.

Hospitals, schools, nurseries, government bodies and numerous other public spaces – just some of the environments in which our hinges have been reliably doing their job for many years.

Developing new products, perfecting existing ones and supporting the craft has been the motivating force behind our family business since its foundation. We assist our customers to the best of our ability in manufacturing more efficiently and achieving lasting success through enduring quality. An historic example from the 1960s is the world’s first recessed hinge, with which we paved the way for efficient hinge installation at an early stage.

Nowadays, our product portfolio includes a wide range of modern hinges for a multitude of requirements. Over the decades, PRÄMETA has developed a reputation as a competent partner for special requirements. These include not only hinges for wood and metal, but for thinner doors and glass too.

Now in our fourth generation, we remain your dependable partner of choice for connections that stand the test of time.

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