Make it a perfect cupboard

Are you planning to build custom made cupboards for commercial use? Perhaps we can offer you a few practical tips that not everyone may be aware of. We’re always glad to help!

Don't make the doors wider than they’re high.

If using three hinges, mount the middle one above the centreline. The ideal ratio here is 40 to 60. (see marking)

Position the outer hinges as close to the edge of the carcass as possible. In the case of particularly heavy doors, we recommend installing an extra hinge next to the top hinge / outer hinges. (see marking)

Chamfer the cup holes in the case of thicker HPL surface finishes. In this way, you avoid stripping the ribs of the  press-in-dowels on the razor-sharp edges and ensure the door is properly supported.

Save on hinges and money

PRÄMETA hinges are robust and durable. Depending on the size of the door, you may be able to do with one or two hinges less per door – this not only saves money on hardware, but as well when it comes to production planning and assembly in the shop.

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